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We will work collaboratively with the Organization’s Project Team to move the creative vision to a detailed, operationally and financially sound business plan. We will assist in selection of a qualified and inspired Operator to fulfill the vision and follow through with ongoing support to the Organization.

Typical services include the following elements and are adapted to specific project needs:

  • Evaluate project needs and Client goals for the foodservice operation.
  • Provide preliminary cost analysis and projections for potential operating models at varying subsidy levels.
  • Create a draft scope description for a potential Foodservice Operator.
  • Identify qualified Foodservice Operators.
  • Create a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) package and distribute to attain valuable input and as a tool for screening of potential clients.
  • Provide onsite RFP orientation meeting with Operators when applicable.
  • Finalize RFP documents with Client Management Team and distribute to selected Foodservice Operators.
  • Provide detailed evaluation of Operator RFP responses and make recommendations to Client Team.
  • Assist in finalizing negotiations and contract with selected Operator.
  • Provide ongoing support to the Operations including participation in periodic operational review meetings.
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