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We will work collaboratively with the Design Team to move the creative vision to a detailed, operationally sound plan, which will become the future foodservice operation.

Typical services include the following elements and are adapted to specific project needs:

Concept / Schematic Design

  • Work collaboratively with the Project Team Members to fully understand the project’s objectives, goals and budget.
  • Provide recommendations and options in order to arrive at an agreed-upon concept and project strategy with a clear and executable program.
  • Develop corresponding layouts focusing on menu and optimized flow.
  • Develop preliminary equipment specifications, utility estimates and budget.

Design Development

  • Create detailed, numbered and scheduled equipment plans, adding equipment cut sheets, auxiliary equipment and engineering drawings.
  • Prepare an itemized budget and provide guidance and solutions to maintain budgetary goals.
  • Prepare detailed utility and special conditions drawings for coordination with the Architectural and Engineering Team.

Construction Documents

  • Prepare additional foodservice equipment documentation and complete detailing of plans required for Construction, Bid and Permit.
  • Make plan corrections as needed to assure final permitting.

Bid and Permit

  • Prepare Bidding Documents and issue foodservice package to qualified Kitchen Equipment Contractors (KEC’s) for competitive bidding - in collaboration with Owner / General Contractor.
  • Review and evaluate KEC bids, interview finalists as needed and assist in negotiations to optimize quality and value.

Construction Administration

  • Monitor and oversee Kitchen Equipment Contractor work and kitchen construction aspects in general.
  • Review submittals and provide regularly scheduled site inspections to assure design conformance.
  • Follow through to successful completion of project.

Ongoing Follow-Up and Client Support

  • Perform regularly scheduled site visits to assure ongoing satisfaction and assist with any follow-up.

NGA can also provide ongoing operational support and auditing, equipment asset management assistance and other services when applicable.

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